Classique Auto Spa

I’ve brought my cars to Classique Auto Spa since 2010. No broken antennas yet, unlike at another place on King Street near Bathurst… I’ve had detailing, leather treatment, waxing… It’s all done well here, and worth the money for those who want their vehicle treated & cleaned well.

For those who live or work in Liberty Village, this car wash is the closest and cleanest run option around.

These guys killed it for me. I’m always willing to spend the money after a long, dirty winter for a thorough once-over of the entire vehicle, and the fine gentlemen at Classique Auto Spa did a phenomenal job both inside and out.Additionally, they gave me 10% off because it was raining outside. An awesome value that I was not expecting.Thanks again! Definitely recommended.

Thank You so much for your help!!!

My first time going to Classique. On arrival I noticed all the high end cars and wondered whether this was the right place for 16 year old Toyota. I was greeted, walked through the various packages and later they called to ensure I was okay with a later pickup time (I was a drop in with no appt)

They did a great job. I swear the car performs better after the wash! But maybe more importantly, the cleaning team seem happy. They were polite, friendly, and looked like they actually got a salary, unlike other places where you have to wonder if they get paid at all.

I would recommend Classique Auto Spa to anyone that likes to keep their car looking perfect!! Customer service is excellent and they will always do what you want/ need, as well as work around your schedule so you are never waiting or wasting time. I just wish the car could stay looking like it does when you leave the place!

Great, friendly service! Had the car in for interior clean and a light once over on the outside. Gotta say that they did a fantastic job, with good attention to detail, and covered the areas that I particularly pointed out to concentrate on, really well..All at a very good price (I think they threw in the exterior clean for free?). Really happy about the experience and will be going back for sure. Thanks guys!

These guys really take pride in their work. My vehicle has never looked this shiny and been so spotless. I will definitely be going back!!

I had my vehicle detailed at CLASSIQUE AUTO SPA and the next day it rained. I took it back and they had no problem re-washing the exterior! Now that’s commitment!

CLASSIQUE AUTO SPA did an excellent job detailing my vehicle! The staff were very friendly too! An overall great experience.

My car has not looked this clean since the day I drove it off the lot. Thank you CLASSIQUE AUTO SPA for making my car look brand new again!

Toronto - Liberty Village

85 Hanna Avenue
Parking Level 2
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3S3

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed


Phone: (416) 534-0007
Fax: (416) 534-0017